Monday, March 11, 2013

We can choose to be bitter or better...

Hey fambly,

I hope that I can get everything in that I want this week haha. I want to let you guys know everything that happens all the time, but that is near impossible with these emails. But I will try my best to make it a fun experience to read my emails like your guy's are.

So here is some news, they changed the email policy. I can email anybody from back home. So if anybody wants to write me feel free to do so. But one disclaimer, I don't have a lot of time to email on P-days and family is first priority, so it might take me awhile to get back to you and if I do it will probably be pretty short, haha, I will do my best and I just want everybody to know that has written me, that I have gotten you letters and I appreciate the support a lot. So recap from that crazy sentence, anybody can email, majority of all my email time I will give to  my family, but I will love to hear from you.  (Elder Soper's email address:

So I will include a few cool and funny things that happened this week:

-This last p-day I got to play this one missionary's guitar and that was a lot of fun. Kinda sad, because I have forgotten how to play a lot of stuff. But I might need to be getting a guitar soon. This lady called us the other day, she was a former investigator and she said she knew that we are trying to get the word out. She invited us to this weekly talent night in Donaldsonville which she is in charge of. She wants us to bring Book of Mormon's and introduce us to a bunch of people. She said we could make this a regular thing and that we could do stuff for talents if we wanted to. Hymns on the guitar maybe? We'll see what happens, I will keep you posted. Pretty cool though!


-We went to a BBQ at Bro. C's and on the way back Elder Gentry almost had an accident if you know what I mean. He was on the edge of his seat with the most worried look on his face. Haha it was so funny and I felt bad because I could not stop laughing. He was trying so hard to keep composed and keep everything in. You might want to take that out haha.

- We picked lemons for this lady and it turns out that lemons have massive thorns on them...who knew? But that was hard and fun. We picked probably 15 boxes of lemons and were there for about 3 hours. We took some of the lemons to the nursing homes around town and on e of the workers asked us for a Book of Mormon and gave us her address! It was cool to see how service helped us find a potential investigator.


- The key to a good companionship is being open, humble and be willing to listen. It is probably true with any relationship. But I am finding this out first hand with Elder Gentry and although we are very different people, we are able to find common ground in the Gospel. We are becoming really good friends. When you spend so long with someone, you find things that bug you of course, but you also find things that you really respect about them as well.

- I didn't realize how much I beat myself about things and had a lot of built up insecurities. But I am trying to live by doing my best today so you can do a little bit better tomorrow. I am running out of time which stinks really bad, but maybe I will go into this more next time.

- We did this massive service project this last week and that was a lot of fun.

- One relatively new member says lamanites like Lam-na-tees.  Fun.

- And when we go through hard things, we can choose to be bitter or better. I like that alot.

Sorry I wish i could write more and I if you ever want me to include something more just let me know. Your letters are awesome though!

I love you guys so much. It is unfathomable how much. I know some pretty big words haha. I love you guys!


Elder Soper

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