Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well this transfer is getting changed up a little bit...

Dear Family,

Well this transfer is getting changed up a little bit, I am going to be staying in Opelousas. They are going to turn it into the Zone Leader area and Elder Bennett will be coming up here. I am really excited and I know we are going to be able to see a lot of miracles. It is going to be really good. 

This letter might be a little short just because things are crazy today with people packing and getting ready for transfers tomorrow, but I do have a lot of pictures for you today. 

This week we did a ton of biking! First I went on an exchange with Elder Jacildo down in Lafayette and we biked our little buns off. We had a ton of fun and we were able to see a lot of cool things. He is just finishing up his training and he is a good missionary. When I got back to Opelousas we biked some more because we were running really low on miles. Biking really does bring a lot of miracles and being outside just makes you feel good. We were able to bike to S. and have an aweseome lesson with the D's, a less-active part member family. We shared a Mormon Message about patience and then Sister D. was just talking about how true the church is. It was cool. I am looking forward to working with the family more this transfer. 

Okay so here is the story of the sad bear. (Funny he used bear because I am Brother Bear)

"There once was a sad bear. He walked into the nearby town and ran into his friend the inventor. The inventor asked, "Bear you look so sad. Why are you so sad?"

Bear said, "Well I..."

And the inventor said, "Oh I know why!!! You need some wings." So the inventor went to the back and grabbed his brand new pair of wings that he had been working on and he fitted bear with the wings. And bear was on his way. He continued on his way, still very sad and he ran into his friend the tailor. The Tailor saw how sad bear was and so he asked him, "Bear why are you so sad?" 

And bear began to say, "Well you know I..."

The Tailor exclaimed, "Oh I know! Even though you have those amazing wings, you need a beautiful hat." So he gave bear a beautiful black, silk hat. And bear continued on. He then came across the market and the vendor came and asked him why he was so sad even though he had wings and a beautiful hat. So he asked bear why he was so sad and bear said, "Well I..." The vendor interupted him and with confindence in his voice said "I know why you are sad. You are a bear and bears need honey." So he gave him a large pot of honey. But bear was still sad. And as he walked through town everyone continued to give him things and his arms were full. So he left the town and wandered into a big field and sat down.

After a few minutes, bear heard a quiet voice. A fly came and landed on his knee and said, "Bear you have honey, a hat and wings and you look so sad, why?" 

Bear said, "Well this is all nice, but I am afraid of the dark and I live in cave. I am sad because I live all by myself and I can't sleep." 

Fly told him," Well you know what? I don't have a home and I am not afraid of the dark so I can come live with you." And after that the fly and the bear were friends and they were happy."

So in the end the bear didn't need all of the extra things and the solution was simple, but nobody listened to him.  Because the fly listened to him for just a little while it made a big difference. It is easy to jump to conclusions on what people need or want, but the key is in listening to them and to the spirit.  Sometimes the answer comes in a "small voice" just like in the story. I am pretty sure that President Wall made that story up on the spot haha, but I think it proves a good point. I like it. 

Well I better get going. I love you guys so much and I will keep you updated on how things go this next transfer. It should be a good one. 

Prayers and Thoughts always,


Elder Bear Soper

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