Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So this was a huge transfer...

Good Morning!

So this was a huge transfer, but President Hansen did a good job with it and I think things will be really good. My new Companion is Elder King and it is funny because we were actually in the MTC together. We never would have thought that we would be able to be companions, but super happy that we are. We have already become really good friends and I haven't laughed so much in a long time. It has just been a blast already and we just have a feeling that this is going to be an awesome transfer. It is a huge blessing that we get to be companions and I think we will be able to get close with our zone as well. They increased the size of our zone and Elder White and Elder Madsen got but double transfered into Lafayette and they are in our district now. They are really good missionaries and it has been fun to be able to help them out and spend time with them. It has just been a fun week. Elder King and I were actually talking about maybe rooming this winter for BYU. We'll see what happens but that is just a thought.

The members already love Elder King a lot and we were able to get a lot done. We spent an afternoon with one of the members (Bro. Castille) doing some service for his Mom and visiting members. We had finished service and then he just asked us if we had time to go visit this family. They aren't his home teaching family or anything, but he just felt like we should visit them. It was really cool and little things like that make me really happy. We went over to R's the other day and his little boy was really sick and in a lot of pain. We both had a prompting to ask if we could give him a blessing but we weren't sure how to bring it up. We finally did and it was a pretty amazing experience. It was a pretty simple blessing, but it seemed like pretty instantaneously he calmed down. The spirit was really strong. The Priesthood power is real. 

Tender mercies happen every single day and it is a blessing to be able to be a part of them. I know that I haven't baptized a lot of people or seen tons of people come back to church, but I feel like mission has been a success so far. I have more that I have to work on in humility and obedience to the promptings of the spirit, but I think that I am on the right path. I feel successful because I am happy and that is enough for me. I know that if we are happy we have the spirit with us and it will inspire us to do what we need to do. I have also come to know my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ more and I have felt how much they love me and that has changed me life a lot. I have made such good friends on my mission with members, non-members, less-actives and missionaries that I will stay in contact and love for the rest of my life and after. That is a success. I have come to love the scriptures more and learned to love prayer. I also have a family that prays for me everyday and boosts my spirits with everything that they do for me. So all in all I am saying that I have been really blessed to have immensely successful mission so far. 

I love yall so much and I hope that you have a great week.

Prayers and Thoughts always,

Elder Devin Soper

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