Sunday, July 6, 2014

This has been a really good week...

Dear Family,

This has been a really good week though. We have had a lot of cool experiences that have built my testimony and we have made a lot of new friends as well. 

Me and Rico

First I wanted to bear my testimony that I know that angels are with all the time. They are there and they are not only protecting us, but they are sharing the gospel right along with us. I know that they are with yall as well. It is pretty cool to know that we aren't alone and we have so many people helping us and encouraging us on both sides. 

We got to go on an exchange with the New Iberia Elders and that was an awesome experience. We went to their District Meeting and then for lunch we went to this Old timey diner and got hamburgers and shakes. And they did pretty good with the fresh strawberry shake, I think yall would approve. But I got to stay down with Elder Casillas and thay was an awesome experience. The weather was crazy those couple of days and we ended up getting rained out for most of the two days. The rainstorms were crazy, but gave us an opportunity to just talk and become good friends. He is a really good missionary and he has the ability to make people feel comfortable around him, he is very down to earth and easy going. He uses that in his missionary work and it does a lot of good. We worked a little bit with this guy named Rico and he is awesome. He recently received the Melchezidek priesthood and is a missionary machine. He and Elder Casillas are just super good friends and we were talking about it and they were probably good friends in the Pre-Earth life as well. Rico and I connected pretty good and became instant friends. He is about twice my size and his arms are bigger than my head haha, but he gave me his email and he told me that he wants to come out to Utah sometime and visit, so that is pretty cool! I will send you a picture. But that exchange was a tender mercy because I made two new great friends, Elder Casillas and Rico.

On Friday most of our plans fell through and that happened for a reason because it allowed for a miracle to happen. We decided to go see this less-active family that we had never met before, N. and J. The Sisters have worked with them a little bit, but I have always wanted to meet them, but just have never done it. We finally went and we all hit it off right away. N. is a super laid back guy, he has long dreads and just seems like he doesn't have a care in the world. J. is really down to earth and is super into reading. They are the most easy going couple you would ever meet. N. and Elder Crane were able to talk for a long time about Sno-Ball Shacks and it really built a good foundation for a friendship. N. and J. own a Sno-Ball stand in Lafayette and Elder Crane wants to start one when he gets home. It sounds like you can make pretty good money with them as well. We ended up being at there house for two and half hours. We had a lesson with them and they ended up opening up to us about things that are going on in their lives and we were able to give that listening ear. It was cool experience and we love them a lot now too. J. ended up coming to church on Sunday.

Then yesterday one of my mission dreams came true. We had a real Cajun teach us how to cook! I think I have told yall about Sarah and Jerrett, but they are a part member family that love the missionaries a lot. I had told Jerrett that I wanted to learn how to cook and so yesterday he surprised us, invited us early and then had Elder Crane and I cook the whole meal. So we spent the afternoon learning how to brown pork steaks, brown onions and create a good gravy. Good Cajun cooking takes time and patience, but it is well worth it. It was an ideal Sunday afternoon being able to spend time with them, get to know Jerrett a lot better and make a good meal. I am going to make it for you when I get home. What he taught will be able to transfer over into rice and gravy meals, jambalaya, stews, gumbu and etouffe. So I am excited to show yall!

My testimony grew this week that the people that we meet on our missions we met before this life. They are members, less-actives and non-members, but we are here for them as much as they are here for us. I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week.

Prayers and Thoughts always,


Elder Soper

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