Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Letter from MTC, Jan. 2, 2013...


Life is pretty good right now. I got a little bit of the flu yesterday and I am feeling all the way better today. Even so I have to stay in my room and be careful not to come in contact with anyone, just to be safe. I really don't mind that much, but it gets pretty boring with no one around (they are letting sick companions be alone).  Keep that mail coming, because it really is fun to get it and read it. These individual notes are for all of you, I am just making it easier to read...maybe. But they are for all of you.


How are things with the play? Did they move all of that stuff out of the garage yet? Oh man, thanks for sending that blanket! That really has been a life saver and makes things a little bit more like home. It has made my sleep about a million times better. Rather than sleeping under a piece of paper, I am sleeping under an elvish blanket. But yeah maybe before I leave I will send it back with a couple other presents for you guys and some miscellaneous items. But tell me about anything else that is going on. And I also included a cool experience about some of our nonmember friends in my letter. Actually I will tell you now. We are supposed to have an investigator profile for when we do role plays, and I chose to be those friends combined. It is supposed to help us feel what the person is feeling and try to receive revelation for them by acting like them. It was a really weird concept for me at first, but it has been so cool. And then hearing about them going to the Church was awesome and like icing on the cake. It was really cool. But things are going good, I am healthy and happy and everything else.

I can't remember what your letter said right now... but thanks for it and I will answer it in my letter because I have lots of time tonight.  Me and Elder Black became Zone Leaders this week and I was just wondering how you can be loving and firm at the same time. I am having a hard being firm enough and I just want to do my job good. Do you have any advice? I love getting the updates on EPL [English Premier League Soccer], because one of the Elders in my Zone watches it and we talk about it.

Haley and Jordan,
Yoyo whats up Heck Shrub and Homeboy. Your letters were really funny and I laughed at them to myself. I am sad we didn't all get to spend more time together, but the break sounded like it was super fun! Snowshoeing especially sounded super great. We will have to plan a lot of fun things for when I return in a couple years. Let me know how things are when you get back to Portland and I am writing a letter as well so maybe I will have mom and dad mail it or somesing. Feel free to email me! Hopefully I got your email right, cause I tried to include you. Good luck with works the both of you and thanks for all of your support and advice...I needs it!

Sup, I totes liked your letter bro. Good luck with school and soccer. You can email me too and I would love to hear from you. It is pretty easy to send letters right now since I am so close, but once I get to Louisiana we can email it up. I will send you a letter as well and start reading Preach My Gospel, it really is an inspired guide. You are already going to be a great missionary and if you start reading it now, you will be unstopable.

How is the play going? When does school start and have you made anymore LPS [Littlest Pet Shop] videos. Good luck with everything and email me anytime.

I love you all, a letter is coming soon and the sections of the email are for everybody. Sorry I gotta go....Onward...ever onward

Delder Evin Soper

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